Donation Toward IIAIS Projects

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               IIAIS is an Islamic Educational  Institution striving in teaching Arabic and Islamic studies to Muslim children all aspect of their religion.

This Institution is highly in needed of your assistance towards her projects such as Central Masjid, Adequate Class rooms, ICT laboratory, Library, boys and girls hostel.

To donate offline please kindly donate through the following account details;

A/C No.: 1023523538

A/C Name: The Islamic Generation Heritage Foundation

Bank: UBA

((Like those who spend their money for the sake of God, like a grain that sprouts seven ears in every spike, a hundred grains, and God doubles for whom He wills, and God is knowledgeable)) (Al-Baqarah: 261)

For more inquiries 

For more details you contact any one of the below planing committee

1. Ustadh Daud Elegbede A Chairman) 08033258213

2. Ustadh Shomoye Yusuf (Special Adviser) 07063689951.

3. Mr. Dogban Abdul Muiz (Secretary) 07058243314.

4. Ust. Abdul Wahab Abdul Kabeer (Treasurer) 08033727865

5. Mr. Mokolade Abdul Kabeer (Financial Secretary) 07030076110

6. Mr Abdul Mujib Abdul Raoof (P.R.O 1) 08057572112

7. Mr. Jimoh Roshid (P.R.O 2) 07036182886

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As salam alaykum warahmatullah!

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