Advance Section

The secondary section contain three classes and each Class in which the student spends six months which is Three levels, level One, Level Two, and level Three, each lasts two months.

Curriculum of this Section

We will offer our students in this section of study the following subjects: 1. Arabic grammar 2. rhetoric 3. Arabic literature 4. Principles of jurisprudence 5. science of Hadith 6. Science of the Koran 7. Principles of interpretation 8. Islamic Theology 9. Etymology 10. Quranic interpretation 11. Prophetic Hadith 12. Arabic construction 13. Science of Rhyme 14. Methods of teaching 15. research Methodology and others


We are giving opportunity of borrowing course to our students whereby the student can be in a particular class and borrow courses from the next class in order to minimize his/her period of study.

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