1- The age of admission to the primary stage may be lowered for children within six years, and the age of admission to the first grade of primary school may be reduced within five years.

2 – An acknowledgment is taken from the guardian that the acceptance of his son’s papers is not final until the result of the coordination approved by the educational administration and the region to which the institute belongs appears.

3- The documents required for submission (paper) are: (original birth certificate, computer/medical report approved by the health insurance, that his or her daughter is free of infectious diseases).

4- The documents required after announcing the result of coordination are: (original birth certificate, computer / medical examination approved by the State or Federal Hospital (2) recent personal photos (2) big envelopes written It bears the address of the accepted male or female student and academic documents,

5 – In the event that the file is not completed or the male or female student does not attend within fifteen days from the beginning of the school year, his registration shall be considered null and the educational administration and the district shall be notified of this.

6 – The parent/applicant must follow up on the announcement of the coordination result after the application period ends through the institute or the educational administration.

7- The applicant should be in good morals and behavior, free from any breaches of virility.

8- He must submit at least a recommendation from those who have previously taught him.

9- He should not be dismissed from another school in the country or abroad, and if he refuses to leave his previous school, he must deliver a letter free from debt or fine from the principal of his previous school.

10- The applicant must submit all the required papers after submitting it on paper, along with their originals.


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