Admission Rules&Regulations



All students must adhere to these following rules and regulations, so whoever violates or tolerates one of them will face panel judge of DISCIPLINE COMMITEE and will be receive any appropriate punishment.

The student who wants to live in the Institute’s residence must comply the following conditions:

Section A 0.1. To be medically fit, and provide the official medical certificate when presenting, indicating all medical conditions.

Section A 0.2. Parents or guardians must visit their child once every month and it is the last Sunday of each month. 3. Do not allow any father or guardian to visit his child suddenly without the official permission of the administration of the Institute.

Section A 0.3. The food charge is obligatory for the parent or guardian and this shall be done every month,  Delayed food charges starve your child. The payment of the food charge is one or two days before the beginning of the month via the bank number.

Section A 0.4.Students are not allowed to go out of the hostel except with official authorization.

Section A 0.5. Students who involve in illegal attitude towards the hostel master will face panel of punishment committee and face corresponding punishment. 

Section B 0.111. The daily activities begin at exactly eight o’clock, so whoever is late must be disciplined.

Section B 0.112.The student housing key must be handed over to the administration at eight o’clock and two minutes, and the key must be returned to the students at five o’clock in the evening. Any violation of this condition shall be disciplined for all students of the hostel.

Section B 0.113. No student is allowed to leave the school campus without the express permission of the administration.

Section B 0.114. None of the students are allowed to enter the administration except with an authorized permission

Section B 0.115. Students cook in the place designated for them to cook, not inside, to preserve the health of everyone.

6. The daily activities begin at exactly eight o’clock, so whoever is late must be disciplined.

Section C 1.111. Any student who has had bad manners with one of the teachers will receive appropriate discipline.

Section C 1.112.  Bathrooms and toilets must be cleaned by students according to the roster, and any unpleasant odor causes punishment for all concerned students.

Section C 1.113.  Sweeping and cleaning the school premises is the duty for all students according to the roster, Whoever violates will be disciplined.

Section C 1.114.  Using of sharp objects, and electrical gadgets by students is prohibited in the school premise.

Section C 1.115. All students must review the Noble Qur’an after Maghrib prayer until we offer the Isha prayer every day.

Section C 1.116.  Students who are permitted to use the cell phone are allowed to use it for research while studying, and they must return their mobile phones to the administration  office  between 3 O’ clock in the afternoon after class until 6 O’clock, then it will be returned to them between 6 O’clock until 7 O’clock in the evening, and they are only allowed to take it at 8 O’clock in the morning at The beginning of class.

Section C 1.117.  Non of students allowed to receive a visitor without contient of his/her parents and the school authority.

Section C 1.118.  Kidis of the school must not be penalized without school authorization.

Section C 1.119. The student’s phones are freed from all social media apps, any student who reinstall any social media app onto his phone or use them through browser will receive a corresponding punishment by DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE after facing the panel.

Section C 1.120. Students must present to the mosque 10 minutes before time of salat.

C 1.121. Students mus keep their personal belonging themselves(at their own risk), any property drown outside or wasted will be responsible for by the owner.


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